Alps of New South Whales

Image of Alps of New South Whales


Third full length by Alps.

“Where much noise/drone/improv pop can seem to hide off-the-cuff laziness behind a curtain of fizz, Alps Of New South Whales is a carefully crafted, hazy gem.” – Cyclic Defrost

“No matter how you listen to Alps of New South Whales, one thing is certain: this album transcends Hearn’s self-imposed limitations, offering a gorgeously foreign sound world in which to ruminate.” – Mess and Noise

“Once you get past marvelling at the strange sounds you’ll discover a record that’s both beautiful and unique.” – Rave Magazine

“When fully engaged with the song at hand these tracks are a quiet charm to behold, exuding an almost New Romantic pop aesthetic but with tinges of the delicious superfluity of emotion from groups like Felt and The Smiths.” – Foxy Digitalis